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The author is a freelance writer with great passion in Information & Communication Technology. He has worked as ICT solution engineer and loves writing on latest technology as well as support to existing technology. He is also interested in other fields like economics, politics, psychology, lifestyle, fashion, medicine and sports.

With about 4 years’ experience in ICT, the author has worked on different projects ranging from fiber optics design and installation, hardware and software support, voice and video communication as well as educational based technology.


Many make the mistake of asking a woman boring questions so as to start a conversation. This doesn't work. Women are only interested in relationship gossip and astrology. So, start by asking questions like

'Do you think John Mayer is gay' or 'Do you think relationships are made in the stars', then watch as the go extra chatty.


Fractionation is also known as hypnosis trick in which Chick Crack is a simplified version. This trick is said to make guys super powerful in seducing women faster than anyone can think of.


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