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Design Comparison:

Samsung Gear S3 has an elegant design. It is unique and rugged but not suitable for women because the size and wrist styling is bigger. The S3 Classic has an appearance similar to LG Watch Urbane compared to S2 Classic. It delivers 50% more compared to S2.

Weight Comparison:

Samsung Gear S3 is bulky and about 30% heavier than the S2. In fact, the S3 Frontier is about 8% to 10% heavier than the Classic. This is due to the additional size. Using this data, S3 is not suitable for individuals with small wrists. Also, it is not attractive too.

Display Comparison:

Gear S2 on the other hand, offers a bright but smaller display and technically, it is a good feature. The Always-On display feature of S3 makes it display more and keeps the color intact compared to the S2 that goes grayscale. This makes the S3 deliver the best customization.

Battery Comparison:

The Samsung Gear S3 uses a 380mAh ambient light but powerful battery which last up to 24 hours more compared to the Gear S2 whish is 250mAh battery and last for 4 days. These durations vary according to usage.

Software comparison:

They both use the same operating software except for the spin the bezel feature to accept or cancel calls on the Gear S3. Both devices are also compatible with Android and iOS, according to the manufacturer.

Samsung Pay:

This feature came onboard in2016, the 2015 models have NFC only which requires another NFC scanner to accept payments. Since 2016, both NFC and MST technology have been available making it easier to shop anywhere.

Fortnite Cheats and Cheat Codes, PlayStation 4

If you have any idea what is going on in the gaming world, you must be aware of Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). These two games have garnered immense praise and popularity from across the globe. Yet, as with all great things, comparisons have grown and the separated fan bases continue to put forth their favorite game is better in Rare Fortnite Skins & Accounts. Such debates and comparisons don’t really mean much because the choice of the games we play is relative. The features that we might like about one game might exist in the other as well. Having said that, we can surely outline the features in each of these two great games that gamers are fond of. Let us see which are the aspects of these two games that are loved or disliked by gamers.

Most Loved Aspects Of Fortnite

When compared to PUBG, it is easier for gamers to spot enemies in Fortnite. This is mainly owing to the quirky colors used for skins and weapons. The vivid landscape and background also make spotting enemies a lot simpler. It is one thing that the players who prefer Fortnite often point out. Added to that is the fast-paced nature of this particular game. In fact, the speed of gameplay in Fortnite is way faster than that of PUBG. It is one of the major reasons why some players choose to switch sides and start playing Fortnite.

After all, this is a very common demand when it comes to gaming. Players want it to be fast-paced from the matching to the actual gameplay. Fortnite gets the upper hand in this one quite comfortably. Last but not least, the building mechanism in Fortnite adds to the power a player has. It also makes it a pretty skill-based game which is not just about aiming and shooting. It takes time to reach anywhere near being a pro at Fortnite. When compared to PUBG, the building mechanism of Fortnite surely makes it a lot more complex and interesting game to play.

Most Loved Aspects Of PUBG

The very first point that PUBG lovers tend to emphasize in this comparison is the fact that PUBG has multiple maps. Yes, this is the case and the variety of maps you can play on adds to the fun for sure. There is the desert terrain of Miramar to the snow-clad Vikendi. This gives the players the much-needed variety required to prevent them from getting bored. Another major plus point when it comes to PUBG is the realistic nature of the graphics. The quirky graphics of Fortnite might be liked by a few but a large chunk of gamers like playing games that seem real. PUBG here has the advantage and surely gets the upper hand when it comes to the graphics.

Most Disliked Aspects Of Fortnite

The one drawback that we often hear gamers fret about in Fortnite is the lack of different game modes. You can only play Fortnite in the Third-person perspective which is not the case with PUBG which has both the modes available. The graphics, as mentioned earlier, don’t appeal to everyone. Mostly because a huge majority of gamers judge graphics based on how realistic they are. The same is not the case with Fortnite graphics which are too quirky to be real.

Most Disliked Aspects Of PUBG

Now to the last bit of the comparison, the most disliked aspect of PUBG is the number of campers in the game. Yes, the developers of the game can’t do much about the number of campers but it is surely a problem when the game provides a safe haven for such campers. This makes the game a lot frustrating for those who don’t want to go over-defensive with camping. Also, spotting enemies is a lot harder in PUBG when compared to Fortnite.

The terrain, the colors used for customization are multiple factors that make it hard to spot an enemy, especially at long range. Hence, Fortnite surely has the upper hand when it comes to the ease with which you can spot enemies. Now that you know the pros and cons that are generally talked about regarding both the games, you might find it easier to come to a conclusion about which of the two games you want to call your favorite.

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