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Design Comparison:

Samsung Gear S3 has an elegant design. It is unique and rugged but not suitable for women because the size and wrist styling is bigger. The S3 Classic has an appearance similar to LG Watch Urbane compared to S2 Classic. It delivers 50% more compared to S2.

Weight Comparison:

Samsung Gear S3 is bulky and about 30% heavier than the S2. In fact, the S3 Frontier is about 8% to 10% heavier than the Classic. This is due to the additional size. Using this data, S3 is not suitable for individuals with small wrists. Also, it is not attractive too.

Display Comparison:

Gear S2 on the other hand, offers a bright but smaller display and technically, it is a good feature. The Always-On display feature of S3 makes it display more and keeps the color intact compared to the S2 that goes grayscale. This makes the S3 deliver the best customization.

Battery Comparison:

The Samsung Gear S3 uses a 380mAh ambient light but powerful battery which last up to 24 hours more compared to the Gear S2 whish is 250mAh battery and last for 4 days. These durations vary according to usage.

Software comparison:

They both use the same operating software except for the spin the bezel feature to accept or cancel calls on the Gear S3. Both devices are also compatible with Android and iOS, according to the manufacturer.

Samsung Pay:

This feature came onboard in2016, the 2015 models have NFC only which requires another NFC scanner to accept payments. Since 2016, both NFC and MST technology have been available making it easier to shop anywhere.

How to Unblock Tank Trouble at School

Are you a student who is looking forward to having a little bit fun when you are on your school grounds? Well, we all know that it is quite difficult to play any kind of game when you are on the school network. Playing online flash games is also not an option because most of the websites would already be blocked because of the nature of entertainment that is provided by them to the students. Over the years we have moved forward to a future where everyone is looking forward to getting their hands on some of the most popular services like that of gaming on their devices and the tank trouble game can be one companion for all of us.

Through the tank trouble game one can easily get all kinds of entertainment without using much of your internet and also get some multiplayer action on the same keyboard. I personally like tank trouble unblocked at school on my hands and easily player to another I want to but with the current School systems in place it has become more and more difficult for gamers from all around the world to easily get their hands on online multiplayer games. The Tank Trouble game is a simple to play and easy to access game with the help of the internet that can be played anywhere and on any device.

Unlike certain high graphic intensive games The Tank Trouble game does not require you to have high specifications on your computer. Thus with the minimalistic requirements you can easily play around the game in your school computers and enjoy a boring lecture. Today we are going to be having a look at ways through which one can gain access to blocked websites like that of Tank Trouble on your school network easily and make sure that you can play your favorite online game.


Tank Trouble has been around for a while now and people from all around the world are aware of its millions of versions that are available for users to dive into. With Tank Trouble comes really awesome platformer gaming experience online using the basic Adobe Flash Player. You can be matched against the CPU that is infamously called the laika bot or you could also play against a real human who can control their tank from a different set of controls on your keyboard.


In order to unblock The Tank Trouble website from your school network you will have to follow the given below steps -

Firstly you are required to open up the tank trouble website on your school computer using School internet.

If the website doesn't seem to work then you might be in for some trouble with a website blocker.

There are two solutions to this -

  1. You can uninstall the website blocker from the control panel of the school computer if the PC doesn’t have an admin login and password.
  2. Alternatively you can use a proxy server and play the game using that.

One of the most popular proxy server Goes by the name of hidemyass.


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